4 Logos make you happy every day and you didn’t know

Logos make you happy every day and you didn’t know

How would you feel if your TV had no brand in it? How would you react if your phone was a standard version and equal to the phones from the rest of the world? Sometimes, branded items can make us feel special. We all feel connected to certain products and don’t want to change them at all. But it hasn’t been always like that. Before this phone, you had another one. And another one before that. What made you change your mind back then? Let’s take a look.

Making your mind vs. changing your mind

Once you meet branded items that fulfill the purpose that made you buy them in the first place, you should settle. But we’re not that simple. One bad experience is enough to make you go somewhere else. It even happens with places you eat, or with subscriptions that you may have. There are tons of examples of real people who changed from one phone provider to another just because the customer service was not that good for one day. But, until then, you just use the same product without any worries. And then, there are the fans. Let’s talk about them.

Defending those who should not be defended

If you follow a brand everywhere, read news about them and camp for a whole week outside a store just to be one of the first people to get their new apparatus, then you are a fan. Brands love fans. They spread their word for free, and will recommend them without hesitating. In the previous case, one bad experience means bad recommendations. With this guy, you’re all covered.

The less you care, the better

So, that’s the lesson today. If you just buy things, without even knowing where they come from, or if it is being advertised, then you are one of a few. The prestige of a logo doesn’t scare you at all, and the stress is out of your league. Keep things up. Let love, family, friends or even a nice walk make you happy instead of logos.